Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Developing Successful Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Initiatives in Your Workplace

Strength emerges out of diversity. For your organization to thrive, it requires a diverse infrastructure with various minds. Diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs ensure your organization attracts diverse talent, driving innovative results. If you want to promote workplace diversity and are researching diversity and inclusion strategies, Henry Consulting can help you develop successful and efficient D&I initiatives.

How to Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Employers implement diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for both compliance obligations and increase diversity in the workplace, to create a more positive, inclusive environment. Henry Consulting will collect data to determine the exact need for change and design a customized strategy for your workplace. Afterwards, our team will evaluate the success of the plan and build a strategy for the continuation of inclusion initiatives.

Your Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Contact Henry Consulting to schedule your diversity and inclusion assessment! Our team is experienced in helping organizations identify strengths and uncover weaknesses to develop a comprehensive D&I strategy. Contact Henry Consulting today!