Risk Management

Risk Management Consulting Services

Risk Management consulting services include identifying possible threats to your organization’s capital and success. After an analysis of your operations, Henry Consulting will generate a proposal to control possible risks and challenges that can be harmful to your company. These services include evaluating the need for insurance, legal support, risk avoidance strategies, and other risk prevention methods.

The Henry Consulting Risk Assessment

Once our team identifies potential risks, we will prioritize the risk prevention methods in order of our assessment of the risk probability. Our risk management process involves identifying risks, analyzing solutions, a quick response, and a detailed plan to monitor risks and risk opportunities.

Possible Types of Business Risks

There are four primary varieties of business risk we evaluate: Strategic, Operational, Hazard, and Financial.

  • Strategic. These risks stem from direct business decisions that affect the wellbeing of your organization. They can include failure to respond to industry changes, or incomplete business plans.
  • Operational Risk. These risks apply to the internal and external factors that can impact your business, such as employee error or cybersecurity failure.
  • Hazard Risk. These risks apply to physical hazards that can endanger the people in your workplace, such as fire hazards or faulty machinery.
  • Financial Risk. These risks involve chances organizations take with budgets, asset management, and purchasing.

Disaster Recovery Management

Henry Consulting delivers comprehensive disaster recovery management services that will give you peace of mind for all your business continuity concerns. Many businesses struggled during COVID-19 and still require disaster recovery management due to disruptions caused by the pandemic. If your business needs to regain functionality to its IT structure after an event such as natural disaster, cyber-attack, or other business disruption, Henry Consulting can help.

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