Our Clients

Henry Consulting serves clients from diverse industries and organizational types, including private, public and nonprofit sectors. Annual revenues range from $500k to $8 billion and workforces range from 15 to 15,000 employees.


Amerisource Bergen/Orlando Group

Amerisource Bergen/Orlando Group – Amerisource Bergen Corp (ABC) currently ranks 29th on the 2007 Fortune 500 list of top U.S. companies, and is the largest pharmaceutical distribution company in the United States. HC was under contract to provide business process reengineering, organizational development, and new market development services to ABC. As ABC and its subsidiaries sought to address the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, HC applied its financial and organizational management expertise to enable the ABC team to transform its operations for the new healthcare marketplace.

Bent Systems

Bent Systems – Bent Systems Inc (BSI), based in Fairfax, VA, is a software provider for the rapidly expanding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) marketplace. HC provided core services for this emerging company. The services included market development, business process re-engineering, organizational development, and customer relationship management services. HC applied its management expertise and technology experience to enable BSI to successfully manage the challenges associated with a rapidly growing industry.

Cancer Clinics of Excellence

Cancer Clinics of Excellence – Corporate financial advisor and lead negotiator for CCE in forming a new joint venture company to execute a new initiative in the medical oncology industry. Joint venturecompany would have initial gross sales of $750+ million. Joint venture partner (counter party in negotiation) is an investment company of a large, New York-based private equity firm. Assignment involved construction of complete financial model and funding plan for the joint venture company and conducting all negotiations regarding valuation and financial terms of the transaction.

Gates Group

Gates Group – The Gates Group (Cleveland, OH) is an $800M private equity fund. The Gates Group business involves private funding of projects related to parking assets. The Gates Group has pioneered the concept of parking assets monetization which is the core activity of the fund. HC applied its market development expertise to enable targeted urban markets in New Orleans and Atlanta to benefit from the monetization strategy.

Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF)

Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) – This collaborative hired HC to assist in designing a technical assistance collaborative and training program that will increase the reach and capacity of technical assistance providers to serve residential property owners (in the City of New Orleans) who have been unable to rehabilitate their flood-damaged properties.

HC conducted a needs assessment that quantified the potential demand for, and supply of, Technical Assistance services citywide. HC also established program goals, quantified resource requirements, established monitoring and reporting requirements for program participants, and developed a detailed project plan along with a financial model for the two-year program.

New Orleans Energy Efficiency Initiative

New Orleans Energy – The New Orleans Energy represents a creative and progressive approach to offer the citizens of New Orleans value added methods of enhancing their constituents’ quality of life.Henry Consulting and its team created several approach to optimizing the energy equation is to maximize both the supply as well as the demand components of the energy equation. The team is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the process to comprehensively enhance energy assets while offering a true economic development advantage for New Orleans as it competes with other progressive metropolitan markets. This program design and plans represent unprecedented benefits to New Orleans community.


Lowe’s – Lowe’s Companies, Inc., based in Mooresville, NC is one of the largest retailers in the U.S., and currently ranks 45th on the 2007 Fortune 500 list of top U.S. companies. HC has provided market development, government/community relations, and business management services to Lowe’s. As Lowe’s continues to grow into the top urban markets in the U.S., they have identified the need to sharpen their entry strategies into these dynamic and diverse markets. HC used its market development expertise and community relationships to successfully support Lowe’s urban expansion plans in the New Orleans market.

New Orleans Aviation Board

New Orleans Aviation Board (Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport) – HC is the lead local consultant in performing a comprehensive operational audit of the airport’s operations. This assignment covers the full range of functional areas at the airport, including financial management, organizational structure, compensation analysis, capital budgeting planning and revenue analysis.

United Water

United Water – United Water, based in Harrington Park, NJ, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SUEZ Group (a $40B conglomerate based in Paris, France). As UW continues to develop its regulated and unregulated businesses, HC has performed a number of valuable services. The projects range from customer relationship management to operational project management, to business process engineering. HC is applying its utility industry knowledge and management expertise to enable UW to successfully manage its water utility operations.


AmeriHealth – The AmeriHealth Family of Companies offers a range of services for individuals and employers. From locally-focused health insurance plans to national-scale programs that assist those who need it the most, they exceed their customers’ expectations through innovative health insurance and wellness solutions.

HR Properties

HR Properties – 


Bayou Phoenix

Bayou Phoenix – New Orleans East deserves a development that will support local commerce, generate permanent, high-paying jobs, and strengthen the community.  Locally owned Henry Consulting and TKTMJ, Inc. have partnered with global master developer Hillwood, A Perot Company, of Dallas, Texas, in response to the City of New Orleans’ Request for Qualifications for the redevelopment of the Jazzland / Six Flags site in New Orleans East.   

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD)

Louisiana Department of Transportation (LADOTD) – The Louisiana Department of Transportation selected HC to provide comprehensive support services to certified disadvantaged business enterprises (“DBEs”). Support services included full technical capabilities and financial condition assessments, business development and proposal-writing services, bidding assistance workshops, and financial advisory assistance (e.g. loan program referrals, bonding assistance advisory). Initial assignment was to provide business recovery support services to 82 disaster affected DBEs in southern and southwestern Louisiana. Assignment was later expanded to support all 162 DBEs throughout Louisiana.

BP America/ National Urban League

National Urban League – The National Urban League and BP America selected HC as the sole consultant to develop and manage their 3-year Gulf Coast Economic Empowerment Program (GCEEP), a series of programs and services designed to assist small Gulf Coast businesses in Louisiana and Texas to participate in recovery opportunities. Like the LADOTD assignment, the GCEEP will offer technical, financial and business development services to participating companies.

New Orleans Community Support Foundation (UNOP)

New Orleans Community Support Foundation (Unified New Orleans Plan or UNOP) – The New Orleans Community Support Foundation selected HC serve as Co-Prime Contractor, Project Manager and Lead Financial Planner on a 14-company team of local, national, and international urban planning and general business experts which developed a comprehensive recovery and rebuilding strategy for the City of New Orleans over a five-month period. HC also served as the final content decision-maker, detailed project manager, primary media contact for the planning team and general administrator. HC successfully managed the technically complex, politically sensitive public process of building a recovery plan for the City of New Orleans at budget and on schedule. HC was instrumental in managing the consensus building process among disparate groups of citizens, neighborhood groups, businesses and governmental bodies/agencies.

Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corp.

Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corporation (PPCDC) – HC has been retained to assist with the redevelopment of Pontchartrain Park, including residential and the golf course redevelopment, as well as the redevelopment of a commercial shopping mall up the road from the subdivision entrance. HC will be responsible for the full range of pre-development tasks, including community outreach, government relations, project financing, and assist with the various aspects of site preparation needed for actual construction to commence. HC will also assist the Development Manager with marketing, facilitating the return of displaced New Orleanians, and Pontchartrain Park resident relations.

Dillard University Community Development Corp.

Dillard University Community Development Corporation (DUCDC) – HC has been retained to assist with the redevelopment of the targeted Gentilly neighborhoods, including residential redevelopment, as well as the redevelopment of a commercial shopping mall up the road from Dillard University. HC will be responsible for the full range of pre-development tasks, including community outreach, government relations, project financing, and assist with the various aspects of site preparation needed for actual construction to commence. HC will also assist the Development Manager with marketing, facilitating the return of displaced New Orleanians, and Gentilly resident relations.

Louisiana Watershed Initiative

Louisiana Watershed Initiative – The widespread disaster caused by the Great Floods of 2016 revealed how susceptible Louisiana’s landscape is to flooding. In fact, over the past two decades, the state has experienced 28 declared flood- and hurricane-related disasters, costing more than $16 billion in public assistance. State and local leaders realized it was time to reevaluate the approach to flood mitigation. In 2018, the state launched the Louisiana Watershed Initiative, introducing a new watershed-based approach to reducing flood risk in Louisiana.