Henry Consulting


Henry Consulting offers a broad range of advisory management services to private sector investors, businesses and client-country governments. It makes use of audits, analyses, evaluations, stakeholder surveys, benchmarking, research, strategy design, action planning, and metrics to help clients reach the most effective and efficient solutions to their business development and operational management needs. The following services are designed to reduce our client's operating costs and enhance our client's ability to focus of its core competencies and ultimately improve the bottom line, competitiveness, productivity and shareholder value.

• Customer Relations Management
• Disaster Recovery Management
• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Community Relations
• DBE Program Coordination
• Government Relations
• Human Capital Management
• Management Accounting
• Marketing Strategies and Branding Initiatives
• MWBE Initiatives
• Process Audit and Enhancements
• New Business Development
• Risk Management
• State and Federal Anti-Discrimination Law Compliance
• Strategic Planning
• Urban Planning
• Utility Operations Management