Henry Consulting


Henry Consulting was founded in 2002 by its managing partner, Troy Henry, a native New Orleanian who returned to New Orleans in 1998 to pursue entrepreneurial interests after a 20-year corporate executive career. Firmly established, Henry Consulting flourishes as a leading management consulting firm in New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana.

Henry Consulting brings extensive corporate experience to the marketplace. Most notable areas include general management/profit-loss responsibility for diverse operations, ranging from technology businesses to utility systems to corporate finance and strategic planning.

Henry Consulting has completed consulting engagements for a number of Fortune 500 clients, including AmeriSource Bergen, Lowe's Companies, Inc., United Water and the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. In the summer of 2005, Henry Consulting submitted its first bid as a prime contractor on a large public-sector project, an RFP to engage a third party administrator for the New Orleans Energy Efficiency Programs ("NOEEP"). Through their efforts, it strategically assembled a highly respected team of national and local experts under its NOEEP proposal. The Henry Consulting proposal was lauded as the most innovative and cost-effective proposal and the group was recognized as the preeminent team in the bidding.

In the past three years, Henry Consulting attained additional client engagements such as the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Cancer Centers of Excellence, the Unified New Orleans Plan (a post-disaster recovery plan for New Orleans), and the National Urban League.

Currently, Henry Consulting is one of the most promising, fastest-growing management consulting firms in the southeastern U.S. Through a combination of solid credentials, business savvy, unfailing integrity, innovative thinking, outstanding performance, and high profile client assignments, HC has cultivated an ever-growing positive reputation in both the private and public sectors.